SD Card Reading Writing Module for Arduino


  • All SD SPI pins output, MOSI, SCK, MISO, and CS.
  • Support 5V/3.3V input.
  • Size:4.7  x 3.1 cm.
  • LED indicator.
  • SD Card Holder.
  • Onboard 3.3V regulator (AMS1117-3.3) for +5v to 3.3V generation. 3.3V is also available as output.

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Supported Input 5V/3.3V
Voltage Regulator 3.3V
Onboard Chip AMS1117
PCB Size (mm) 48×30
Weight (gm) 8
Shipment Weight 0.115 kg
Shipment Dimensions 10 x 7 x 3 cm


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