DHT11 Digital Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor Module


  • The module can detect the surrounding environment of the humidity and temperature
  • High reliability and excellent long-term stability
  • The output from the digital output
  • Humidity measuring range: 20%~90%RH(0~50 degree (temperature compensation).
  • Temperature measuring range: 0~+50degree.
  • Humidity measurement accuracy: ±5.0%RH.
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ±2.0degree.

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Humidity Measuring Range(%) 20 to 90
Temperature Measuring Range(°C) 0 to +50
Humidity Measurement Accuracy(%) ±5.0
Temperature Measurement Accuracy(°C) ±2.0
Response Time(s) <5
Supply Voltage (V) 5
Breadboard Size(mm) 19×17 (LxW)
Weight (gm) 0.6
Shipment Weight 0.095 kg
Shipment Dimensions 12 x 12 x 5 cm


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