2.4GHz NRF24L01+PA+LNA SMA Wireless Transceiver Antenna


  • Voltage: 3-3.6V (recommended 3.3V) V.
  • Maximum output power: +20dBm.
  • Power-down mode current: 4.2uA.
  • Operating Range: 1Km
  • Antenna Gain (peak): 2Dbi.
  • 2MB rate (Open area): 520m.
  • 1MB rate (Open area): 750m.
  • 250Kb rate (Open area): 1100m.
  • It uses 2.4GHz global open ISM band, with license-free.
  • SPI interface facilitates the communication with MCU I/O port.

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Input Supply voltage (V) 3 ~ 3.6 (recommended 3.3V)
Working current in transmit mode (mA) 115
Maximum output power (dBm) +20
Power-down mode current (μA) 4.2
Operating Range (Km) 1
Antenna Gain (peak) (dBi) 2
Receiver sensitivity -92dBm in 2Mbps mode
-95dBm in 1Mbps mode
-104dBm in 250kbps mode
PA growth (dB) 20
LAN growth (dB) 10
LAN noise figure (dB) 2.6
Operating temperature (°C) -20 ~ +70
Length (mm) 49
Width (mm) 16
Height (mm) 13
Weight (gm) 15
Length of Antenna (cm) 11
Shipment Weight 0.115 kg
Shipment Dimensions 13 x 4 x 2 cm


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